Why no 'GetIt' button on the flash or video?

The most probable reasons are:
You have not choose Tools-Enable 'GetIt' button for catching media.

The ‘GetIt’ button would appear normally in IE as the picture shows:

Or when you use firefox, there is a grey button on the top right corner of the video.
It's a small Orbit LOGO. You can click it to download the video instead of 'GetIt' button.


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Anonymous said...

The getit button was appeared in IE 7 for a while. But once a day, suddenly I realized that there isn't any Getit button on my flash and videos.

I installed java 6 , installed flash player 10, I reinstalled orbot 3, I reset IE settings

but no result !
Please help me!

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You have not choose Tools-Enable 'GetIt' button for catching media.???'

zeron said...

Despite checking the enable get it button i do not get the option for you tube. i use firefox7.

Vijayta Verma said...

the downloadin could be done with internet explorer bt the getit button is not available ..wen i try to download you tube videoss on firefoxx..please help!!

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