Use Orbit Downloader as RapidShare downloader - How to Download Files From Rapidshare, Megaupload,Yousendit and Sendspace?

Orbit downloader support HTTP POST method. So Orbit downloader can download files from or Additionally, Orbit downloader can make your download faster, safer and more stable than IE. There is a Comparison in Orbit downloader and IE below:

Orbit downloader:


As you see, using Orbit downloader, I get more than 150KB/S when download. But the download speed is only 21KB/S when I use IE.

Use Orbit Downloader as Flash Games Downloader - How to Download Flash Games and Flash Cartoon From Miniclips?

(1)Hover your mouse on the flash game. There will be a button appeared near your mouse:

(2) Click the button:

The "Create new download" dialog is poped up, then click"ok", the flash game will be downloaded to your drives:

Use Orbit Downloader as Youtube Downloader - How to Download Video From YouTube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe and DailyMotion?

(1) Hover your mouse on the video, you will see a small button appeared near your mouse, like this:

(2) Click the button:

Then Orbit Downloader will pop up a dialog to fetch the video url. It will need about 2 seconds.

Soon, the "Create new download" dialog pop up. Click "OK",then the video is being downloaded.

Orbit downlaoder is one of Top 10 Best Software of 2006

Orbit downlaoder is one of Top 10 Best Software of 2006
This week, Orbit has been considered one of the best softwares in the current year. The best software are rewarded with a hotsite containing the winners. Check out it here: .

New Orbit downloader -- support Rapidshare download

The Orbit downloader V1.2.1 was released. In this version,Orbit downloader support HTTP POST method. Orbit downloader can make your downloads from much faster, safer and more stable.
Here is Orbit downloader supporting service:

Additionally,we will improve Orbit downloader better than better. If you find any website Orbit can not download from, please tell us via avoid spam, please replace # with @ yourself)

Orbit v1.1.1 come out

Good news everyone! The final version of Orbit 1.1.1 is out at last.

Orbit is a light feature-rich and stable download manager for Windows. Orbit can accelerate your download speed, uses less memory, support http/https/ftp/mms/rtsp protocol, download Flash videos (including stuff from Youtube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe, DailyMotion,etc) and support download from

v1.0.3 to v1.1.1 changelog:

* Support https protocol

* Support download from

* Improve download Flash videos,including stuff from Youtube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc

* Support adding mirror manually

* Improve preferences setting

Download it now- you'll never look back.