Orbit Downloader 2.7.8 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.7.8 is released.

In this version, we improved Grab Pro feature.

* Add: Orbit Downloader 2 Years commemorative edition toolbar icon
* Improve: detect file format more correctly in Grab++ and Grab Pro

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How to show the Drop Zone?

You can go to View-Drop Zone, and check it.

There is another way to show the Drop Zone, go to the right-click menu of System Tray Icon, and check the "Drop Zone".

Drop Zone will be hided if make these two menuitem unchecked. Or go to the right-click menu of Drop Zone, make the "Drop Zone" unchecked. It is a little loose-tongued.

System Context Menu in OrbitDownloader

You can use the right-click menu directly in OrbitDownloader for a completed task.

As is shown in the picture, choose the "System Context Menu", you will find the submenu is all the same as the menu you right click the file on your own computer.

Please remember, it is only works for the completed task when it is not be deleted.

How to restore a broken download file if it was deleted?

You can not restore the deleted file, if you choose "Delete real file(s) as well" when you delete a task.

If you did not delete the file when delete a task, you can go to File-Import Broken Downloads, click it and the file will be restored.

What are OrbitDownloader's system requirements?

Very low. OrbitDownloader support a system as Windows 2000, WinXP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista. We don't support Mac or Linux now, and not planned for the future. However, it is possible to develop due to user's needs.

How can I reset the settings back to the defaults?

Go to the menu "Help-Repair Orbit" and click OK, it will restore the default setting of your whole Orbit.

Moreover, if you want to reset some parts of Orbit, you can click the"restore default settings" button in the tabs of preferences dialog.

Is there any foreign language support for OrbitDownloader?

Yes, you can go to View-language and select your language from the drop down list.

And you can update the language by these two ways:
1, Get the language file from OrbitDownloader's download page. Simply drop Orbit.lng into the Install Dir \OrbitDownloader and restart it. OrbitDownloader should automatically change to your system language once you restart it.
2, Open the Options, go to View-language and select your language from the drop down list, check the language pack and update.

If you have a superior translation, you can send it to this address: orbitdownloader@gmail.com, thank you so much.

Download yappr video

How to download yappr video?

Using Orbit Downloader's Grab Pro, the special download-video-tool for Internet Explore, you will never miss any yappr video from now on.

Download yappr video in IE step 1: Play yappr video. Orbit Downloader's Grab Pro will start to grab the yappr video automatically:

Download yappr step 1

Download yappr video in IE step 2: Click yellow area to call out the item list. Click "Download it" to download the grabbed yappr video:

Download yappr

Downloading yappr video: Please keep the yappr video playing until download completed.

Yappr downloading

Download yappr video completed: You will never miss any yappr video from now on!

Download yappr completed

Orbit 404 Redirect

1、Enhance the internet browsing experience

If you happen to mistype an address to a webpage or try to go to a website that does not exist, Orbit provides you with a redirect page that is meant to help provide you some suggestions to the actual webpage. The Customized Error Page including a Google search box to help you search for what you are looking for, or you can go back. We hope we can make you browse the web smoother.

2、Your tolerance could let more people enjoy a free, better service
Maintain a program which has tens of millions users is not an easy thing, regardless from manpower to material resources. Orbit is a freeware and is truly better than a lot of sharewares, paywares and adwares. Actually, there were so many companies had made pretty good offers to buy Orbit. But we rejected, because it against our philosophy, the companies want to change Orbit to adware or shareware with payment. Of course, we thank for the generous donation by our users. But it was utterly inadequate to cover ourcosts. So we are trying to create a Customized Error Page to make some benefits from our sponsor. Your graceful support will help us and make more people enjoy a better freeware.

3、Donation and Settings
Without a doubt, we look forward to your generous donation, thanks so much!

If you don't like it, you can also change a few settings to disable it.

Orbit Downloader 2.7.7 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.7.7 is released.

In this version, we improved Grab Pro feature.

* Add: let Grab Pro suggestions on browser navigation 404 error

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