How to configure a batch download

Web sites that have many files often use file-naming conventions whereby they name their files using a series of numbers or letters. For example a MP3 site may name the MP3 files as hot-track01.mp3, hot-track02.mp3 … hot-track12.mp3. From this you can see that they are just a series of MP3s numbered from 1 to 12. Or, a photo sharing site may name its photos as tree-a.gif, tree-b.gif … tree-z.gif. From this, you can see that they are just a series of photos numbered from a to z.
Using Orbit Downloader, you can download a series of downloads from website easily. And there is an example tutorial below:
1. You can open the “Create batch download” dialog through arbitrary way below:
(1) From the main menu “File”-->”Create batch download…”:

(2) From the tray icon’s context menu:

(3) From the Drop Zone’s context menu:
2. Configure the “Create Batch Download” dialog to download series downloads.
(1) If there is a series of download URLs like these:
You can configure the “Create batch Download” dialog like this below to download the series of zip-files:

(2) The same way, if a series of download URLs like these:
You should configure like this:

(3) If the series download URLs like these:

You should configure like this:

Orbit Downloader v1.4.5 Come Out

Orbit Downloader v1.4.5 come out today.

By the bug report system which was released in Orbit Downloader v1.4.1, we fix two import bug in the new v1.4.5:
1. The FireFox add-on can not get the right referer when download from Sourceforge. It caused download wrong file. -- We has fixed it.
2.A download arithmetic bug occasionally caused some downloads failed.

Additionally, we improved our pre-download feature. It will be more stable.
We also support download from and

More features will be released:)

Instructions for Using Orbit with Rapidshare & Firefox 2.0 - by orbit_fan

Hi folks,
Lots of messages on this board about Orbit not integrating/working with Rapidshare in Firefox 2.0.
Here are the instructions, best as I can describe [IMPORTANT NOTE: you MUST have a premium Rapidshare account to use Orbit with Rapidshare]
1) Launch Firefox 2.0
2) Install Flashgot [if you don't already have it]
3) Install Orbit
4) Close all your windows, including browser windows
5) Restart Firefox 2.0
6) Go to Tools > Add On's In Firefox
7) See if Orbit Downloader Firefox Integration 0.40 is shown in the list [if so, great]
8) Now, with your "Add-On's" screen still visible in front of you, click "FlashGot"
9) Click on "Options" for "FlashGot"
10) Under "Download Manager" find "Orbit" if it's not already selected [make sure "Orbit" is in BOLD face]
11) Click "OK" and close your browser
12) Re-launch your browser
13) Go to a web page with a Rapidshare link.
14) Right-click on the Rapidshare link
15) In the menu which pops up, choose "FlashGot Options" > "Orbit"
16) You will see a "Create New Download" dialog box appear from Orbit
17) WAIT for the file size to appear in the BOTTOM LEFT HAND CORNER of the dialog box [may take 5-10 seconds to register]. If the file size which appears has an MB next to it, then you're good. If the file size is KB instead of MB, then you're not getting the download properly.
18) Click OK
19) Your download should begin
20) If you don't follow the instructions this way, Orbit may only download 5KB of the file instead of the full 20MB or 50MB or 100MB [whatever the FULL/REAL file size is]
Good luck!!!

Thanks orbit_fan!

A theme for Orbit Downloader v1.4.2--by Montana

In Orbit Downloader Forum, Montana provide a blue theme for Orbit Downloader v1.4.2.

This theme can be downloaded in Montana's Blog :)
Thank Montana again:)

New features in Orbit Downloader v1.4

Orbit Downloader v1.4 come out!
In the new version, Orbit Downloader has changed it’s logo to avoid the similarity to the other product.

And we add lots of features in Orbit Downloader 1.4:
1.Scheduler: Orbit Downloader allow to create schedules so that you can download files at regular intervals such as daily and weekly. It also have option to close the download manager or shut down your computer once the download has completed.

2.ZIP Preview: Orbit Downloader's "Zip Preview" feature that allows you to view the contents of a zip file before downloading it. It is very useful to save your bandwidth on bad/fake files.

3.Tray Icon Balloon: Orbit Downloader's "Tray Icon Ballon" that allows you to check your download progress quickly. Move your mouse on the trayicon, you will see the download task's download percent and speed in the tray icon ballon.

4.Disk Cache Size Setting: The disk cache is used to keep frequently accessed data in memory to reduce the number of reads and writes to the hard drive. Orbit Downloader manages the cache automatically, but you may change it based yourself experiment.

5.Unresume Hint: The ability to resume a download is dependent on the capabilities of the web server. Most web severs allow delivery of file data from an offset. But if you happen to download a files from a server which does not allow the delivery of file data from a specified offset and pause the download, you will have to re-start the dowload from the beginning of the file. Orbit Downloader can help your to avoid this. If you want to pause an unresume downloading, Orbit Downloader will hint you. This can save significant bandwidth and time.

6. Bug Report: Orbit Downloader has a friendly way for user to report bug or feature suggestion to us. Just click the "Report" button on the toolbar, you can fill the form and submit to us easily and quickly.

7.Automatically Exit when Done: Orbit Downloader has an option to allow you exit Orbit Downloader when all downloads completed.

8.Add hotkeys :
(1)Alt + click: Download NOT with Orbit Downloader
(2)Ctrl + Alt + click: Download with Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader - The Fastest All-in-one Downloader!

Orbit Downloader - The Fastest All-in-one Downloader!

Notice about logo change

Orbit Downloader v1.4.1 has changed it’s logo to avoid the similarity to the other product. The new logo will continue to bear Orbit Downloader 's English letters.
In addition, the arrowhead downwards in the new logo is designed to represent the easy downloading for the users, which reflects the user experience oriented slogan "The Fastest All-in-one Downloader".
Except as expressly authorized by Orbit Downloader, you may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display or sell any of Orbit Downloader's proprietary information such as logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark .

Old Logo: Old Logo

New Logo: New Logo

Orbit Downloader Artwork,you can see some variants here:

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