Use Orbit Downloader as Metalink Downloader

Use Orbit Downloader as Metalink Downloader

How to download files via Metalink using Orbit Downloader?

Metalink is an Open Standard that bundles the various ways (FTP/HTTP/P2P) to get files into one format for easier download. More and More software developers provide metalink files to download their client.

Orbit Downloader support metalink download. Using Orbit Downloader you can download files via Metalink more easily and quickly.

For example, provides a metalink file to download OpenOffice. Just click the metalink download link :

Then Orbit Downloader will catch the metalink file download URL automatically. Click “OK” to download the metalink file to your drive:

You can see the metalink file is downloaded very quickly.

And after download the metalink file completed, Orbit Download will download the final software automatically:

Download all in FireFox using Orbit Downloader

Download All in FireFox Using Orbit Downloader

How to Download Files, Youtube Videos, Flash Games and Cartoon in FireFox?

(1) How to Install Orbit Downloader’s FireFox Add-on

(2) How to Download Files in FireFox

(3) How to Download Youtube Videos in FireFox

(4) How to Download Flash in FireFox

(1)Install Orbit downloader’s FireFox add-on:

When install Orbit downloader, make sure the FireFox integration option be checked. (Please exit FireFox before install Orbit Downloader)

If you did not check the option, you can integrate FireFox in Orbit Downloader’s menu Tools->Preference->Monitoring panel.

(2) Download files in FireFox:
Just left click the download URL in FireFox., then Orbit Downloader will pop-up a “Create New Download” dialog. Click the “OK” button. Then Orbit Downloader will download the file for you.

(3)Download Youtube video in FireFox:
When you open a Youtube video page in FireFox, you will find a small Orbit Download’s icon on the top of the video.

Please click the icon., Orbit Downloader will download the Youttube video for you soon!

(4)Download Flash in FireFox:

You can download Flash files, like flash games, from FireFox using Orbit Downloader.
Orbit Downloader can display an Orbit Downloader’s Icon on the top of the Flash files on the webpage.

You can download the flash by clicking the Orbit Downloader’s Icon.

Additionally, you can download Streaming Media from web pages in FireFox using the same way.

Download from Rapidshare using Orbit Downloader - step by step tutorial

Orbit Downloader support HTTP POST protocol. So it can work well in
You can use Orbit Downloader to download files from by the following way:

First of all, you should install Orbit Downloader. You can download it from its homepage:

Open a Rapidshare file’s link by IE. For example, I find a link: and open the link by IE. Then scroll down the web page to the end, click the free button (if you have a premium count, you should click the premium button). (Img01)

Then, you should wait some seconds (Img02).

After the download is ready, you could enter the CAPTCHA then click the download button (Img03).

Orbit downloader will capture the download URL automatically (Img04).

Click the OK button, the file will be downloaded to our own driver (Img05).