Orbit Downloader v2.6.1 Come Out!

We released Orbit Downloader v2.6.1 just now.
In 2.6.1, we add index information to WMV files downloaded via MMS protocol to enable seeking when playing the WMV files. And we improve the download via RTSP protocol and fix some interface bugs.

Use Orbit Downloader as Multiply Downloader

Use Orbit Downloader as Multiply Video Downloader - How to Download Multiply Video?
Orbit Downloader is a free Multiply video downloader which can help you to download FLV video from Multiply easily with great speed.

(1) Run Orbit Downloader's Grab++ first ( Orbit Downloader's Tools menu --> Grab++ )

(2) Play video from Multiply, then Grab++ will grab the video for you.
Make 'Women In Art' for example. Grab++ grabs the video when it is played.

(3) Select the Multiply video in the Grab++ list then click ' Download...' button, Orbit Downloader will download the selected Multiply video for you.

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Orbit Downloader v2.5.2 Come Out!

Orbit Downloader v2.5.2 Come Out!

Orbit Downloader v2.5 adds new feature to make Youtube download more smoothly. And today, we release v2.5.2 to resolve 2 bugs in v2.5.1:

  • * Fix: a bug may cause Orbit Downloader can not run in Windows 2000
  • * Fix: Orbit Downloader can not remember maximization
Thank you for users reporting these bug in our forum and sending us feedback.

About Outlook's outlook.sharing.xml.obi file

Recently, a lot of users ask me about the 'outlook.sharing.xml. obi' file. It is not the Orbit Downloader's temp file. Outlook.sharing.xml. obi is the file that determines the feed structures Outlook shares with Internet Explorer.

And I find an article about the file. it is at:http://www.realtime-windowsserver.com/tips_tricks/2007/11/outlook_2007_rss_feeds_not_upd.htm