Three automatical functions When Done

Turn Off Computer When Done
Choose this menuitem, the computer will turn off automatically when all downloading tasks have done.

Hang Up When Done
The computer will disconnect the network when all downloading tasks have done.

Exit Orbit When Done
As the name implies, it will exit OrbitDownloader when all downloading tasks have done.

Download Music Free from

Download Music Free from video tutorial

Orbit Downloader 2.7.9 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.7.9 is released.

In this version, we improved both Grab Pro and Grab++ feature.

* Improve: Make Grab Pro more efficient
* Fix: a bug may cause Grab++ can not grab streaming media URL
* Fix: a bug may cause Grab Pro can not display file name suffix

Download YouTube Downloader

How to set the Scheduler?

Firstly, the scheduler is only works when you set it at the beginning of downloading. As the picture shows, you must click "More" and choose "Schedule" when you build a new task.

Next, go to set the Scheduler. It will download at the time you set. Download once a day, or daily both are OK. Also, downloading will stop at the time you set it.

And the task which had been set the Scheduler, will show a clock light as you see.

How to switch between small and big icons?

Go to View-Show Big Icons, and click this menuitem, these 7 icons (New, Start, Pause, Delete, Scheduler, Report Bug and Preferences) will change to big icons. And click it again, it will go back to small icons.

And click the right button on the Toolbar, you can change it also.

What do these Status lights mean?

From the top down, as the picture shows:

The red light means a failed download. You can try it again if you want, also you can delete it directly.
The second light means the task is connecting.
The clock light means this task is a scheduler task, it will be downloaded in time you have setted.
The blue light means a pausing task, you can start it or delete it.
The green light means a downloading task, you can pause it or delete it.
And the last light means the task is in waiting list.

Does Orbit Downloader have a preference to limit the download speed?

Yes, in the Preferences-Limits. It allows you to set a download speed, and set it to Limit, or go full speed. The limit speed is the summation of all tasks.

Download vimeo video easily

When I watch the video 'Ubiquity for Firefox' in Vimeo, I find that I did not write a tutorial for how to use Orbit Downloader as a Vimeo downloader to download Vimeo video.

It is easy too. You can use Grab++ to grab the video url then download it or you can record it when you watch it in IE using Grab Pro toolbar. Now I introduce you how to down Vimeo using Grab++ first, then Grab Pro toolbar.

Download vimeo video using Grab++
1. Run Orbit Downloader's Grab++ first:

2. Then play the vimeo video. When the video is played, its url is grabbed by Grab++:

3. Check the video in Grab++ then click 'Download' button. The video will be downloaded.

Download vimeo video using Grab Pro toolbar
1. When vimeo video is begin to play, Grab Pro is grabbed it:

2. Click 'Download it', the vimeo video will be downloaded.

How to set the default path of downloaded files?

Firstly, you can set it in preferences. As the picture shows, you can browse your local path, and choose it.

Also, you can choose the download path either when you downloading some files. Click the nail icon after choose the path, it will be defaulted next time.

How to update your Orbit Downloader?

Firstly, go to Help-Check for updates, it will show "There is no new version available at this time!" if you have use the latest version.

If there is a new version exist, it will show "A new version of Orbit Downloader is available.", please confirm. Then your browser would skip to the download webpage, you could download the latest version.

Also, you can go to our website to download the latest version. It is no need to uninstall the prevenient one, you can install the latest one directly.

How to use 'Getit' button?

On these following website: Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Myspace and Google video, click 'Getit' button, the server will resolver it, and the video would be downloaded. As the pictures show:

On the other websites (except the above websites), click 'Getit' button will let Grab++ work.

Also, you can close the 'Getit' button by click the 'close'.
Go to the menuitem of Tools-Enable 'Getit' button for catching media, will let the 'Getit' button work again.

Which kinds of network protocols does OrbitDownloader support?

We support primary network protocols such as http、https、ftp、mms、rtsp and rtmp. You have no use for install any program especially. And we do our best to optimize it.

Orbit Downloader 2 Years

It is very glad that Orbit Downloader is 2 years!