Orbit Downloader is released

Orbit downloader 4.0 Introduce Software Updater. Keep software up-to-date come easier, never lost in chaos of the webs.

1. Fix: Crash in software updater

Download    YouTube Downloader


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Is there hope for Firefox 4.0 compatibility of the addon? In this version it won't work.

Anonymous said...

+1 for Firefox 4 support, please! FF4 is out of the beta stage and is in 'production'. I imagine most users will be upgrading.

n00b said...

Yes, orbit is perfect, but we need an update for FF 4. Thanks

Incredibly Humble Ninja said...

Orbit is pretty much useless if it doesn't work with Firefox 4.

Orbit User said...

Firefox 4 campatibility Please

Anonymous said...

New Orbit is useless unless you fix to be compatible with FF4.

Anonymous said...

Firefox 4 support please.............

Anonymous said...

Plz surpport Fx4

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. It's me - Anonymous[1] with a step-by-step guide how to make it work. Careful, it's a workaround but it didn't cause harm to my FF and it worked!

Here you go (file- and folder names might differ sometimes):

- get 'universal extractor' at www.legroom.net/software/uniextract

- use it to unpack 'OrbitSetup4.0.9.exe' to subdir

- go to folder 'OrbitSetup4.0.9\{app}\addons\OneClickYouTubeDownloader'

- open 'install.rdf' in a text editor

- goto line 18, change maxVersion 3.6.* to 4.* and save

- select all files in folder and zip (you all have winrar, winzip, izarc or something like that?)

- rename 'OneClickYouTubeDownloader.zip' (or whatever you named it) to 'OneClickYouTubeDownloader.xpi'

- install in Firefox

Anonymous said...

still does not work with rapidshare. What the hell guys sort this out! The software update feature is bollocks we don't want that.

Anonymous said...

Until version 4, Orbit was used most to be download manager and then part of the trojan.
With a little knowledge was possible keep his Trojan side under control.
Creators of the software are very well aware, however, this does not fit their primary goal.
And because of the version 4 Orbit designed to serve Trojan targets goals than downloads goals.
Just to knowledge to the creators of the software, that would not mean that all are the fools.
the earlier versions used to opene a ports in the fire wall for the unwanted passage of programs,
in order to say hello to those who made it.
Since you know that many people was able in different ways to block it, you made a version of
so-called "Software Updater"!?
What is the main function of your software, download or Trojan function?
It would be interesting to know who you all pay for your services?
Who you paid for your services?

Avi said...

I'm assuming it's still not 64bit compatible

IlLusioN said...

Make things optional during setup...

Custom installer:

- "Software Updater" On System installed software update-scanner optional in setup

- Firefox 4.0 compatible and upcoming Minefield 4.2pre integration

Info/Download: http://www.leechermods.com/2011/03/orbit-downloader-4009-firefox-40-42pre.html

Rbeuque74 said...

Need Firefox 4 compatibily pluggin !

Anonymous said...

Please fix button "GetIt" no work Firefox 4 Final.

Anonymous said...

Please, compatibility firefox 4, Help!!!!

Anonymous said...

The addon "OneClick youtute Downloader 1.0.5" don't work for Firefox 4.0. what happend?, I like this addon.

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