Orbit Downloader is released

Orbit downloader 4.0 Introduce Software Updater. Keep software up-to-date come easier, never lost in chaos of the webs.

1. Improve: support Firefox 4.0

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mithi said...
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Anonymous said...

Firefox integration works now but each time the browser is started I get the following Message:

"TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined"

Same thing happened after a d.i.y. -addon-version-patch (posted here a few days ago). It doesn't seem to do any evil but it's annoying.

Anonymous said...

the orbit downloader can't integrate with the firefox 4

Anonymous said...

have the orbit an api for other apps

Anonymous said...

i cannot download this video via ORBIT please help !!!


Anonymous said...

This version is changing the modified date/time of downloaded files to the current time, whereas previous versions would use the date/time from the server. Please fix this.

Anonymous said...

To put it simply, the "use server date/time for the downloaded file" option isn't working.

Anonymous said...

fix the software so it finally works with rapidshare, as you proudly advertise in the site!!!

Anonymous said...

it still doesn't work with firefox4
when i want to download video i click on get it but it start download with Firefox downloader and when i right click on one link and click on download by orbit instead of downloading file with orbit it opens orbitdownloader.com

Anonymous said...

"Firefox integration directs you to homepage on menu item selection"

Within your extensions folder (profile\extensions)

create a new file: orbit_ffext@orbitdownloader (without a file ending
like txt or doc ...)

open orbit_ffext@orbitdownloader with your editor (not windows word
2003 or similar just the normal editor)

paste: "C:\Program Files\OrbitDownloader\addons\orbitff" (without the
"") or where ever your OrbitDownloader is installed. Save and exit.

Restart FireFox and have fun again. smile

Anonymous said...

firefox 4 good.
but OPERA ???????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I still can't get to download from rapidshare premium, although i have the premium.....

Anonymous said...

please fix it, so it can work with rapidshare again. hotfile works fine though.

UploadHell said...

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aden said...

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Panharith said...

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miyelly hernandez said...

buena idea descargar mas y gastar menos. pero aun en firefox 4 no funciona

mariacorina pernalite said...

buena idea descargar mas y gastar menos. pero aun en firefox 4 no funciona.