Orbit Downloader is released

Orbit Downloader 3.0 — Manage Downloads Become Easier

Orbit Download has fixed some bugs.

* Add: editing function and right mouse button function of Tag
* Add: remember the selected state, tag, tab when you exit
* Improve: keep the task stay in "downloading" when you pause it
* Fix: file has not been removed when delete the completed task

Download YouTube Downloader



Improve: keep the task stay in "downloading" when you pause it

I don't get this "improve":
I can't easily separate the paused downloads and queued downloads;
I don't know how to put downloads to the inactive group;
When I click the "schedule download" in the context menu, the inactive group becomes "-1" (I think this is a bug).

Anonymous said...

This bug is still present:

All the options in the right-click menu in Firefox (Getit, Download by Orbit, Download all by Orbit) don't work but they redirect in the official Orbit site tutorials.

Please definitely fix it!!!

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Bryan Kirk said...

I have some comments regarding it:

1. The main dialog's statistics for a download aren't updating unless the currently selected tab is the Progress tab (or you click on a part of the dialog box).

2. There are still no "Download Progress" window(s) for each download.

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Anonymous said...

Dohh can't even paste multiple links, can't load txt link file and it changed my starpage ... This program is about 10 years 2 late...never ever again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get latest version here.

Disapointed said...

The worse version ever :(
Bad interaction with IE; delete real file option allways turned on by default; it asks two times for the same download very often while surfing on the web; slower than previous versions; etc... I was a fan of OD, now I'm very disapointed, to be honest :s

Anonymous said...

Ever since that crap facebook game, this program has not improved...

So much for "Best Downloader EVER"

Ant said...

Stick with v2.8.20 since v3 is awful.

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