Crazy Inn Adds Orbit Wallpaper!

Crazy Inn adds Orbit Wallpaper in its new v1.0.3.8!

And also be added to the new Crazy Inn is:
1. Now you can sell items. In warehouse interface, you can drag-and-drop any item which is in room or in store to the "sell" button to sell it.
2. Fix the bug that your avatar always keeps sleeping in the lobby.
3. Add useful tooltips about how to upgrade room level and inn level. Please hover your mouse on the star which is in the room or in the inn lobby.

Also, we always encourage our users to contact us with thoughts, suggestions, feedback or otherwise random ramblings. So don't hesitate to tell us what do you think about the game. If you have any questions and suggestions about Crazy Inn, connect Shaka or Amy on Facebook for more about Crazy Inn.