Orbit Downloader 2.8.8 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.8.8 is released.

A new version, which fixed some little bugs too. Hope that we can do better.

*Improve: HTTP streaming download from Windows Media Server

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budakkacamata said...

Hi. I can't use Orbit to download Youtube videos. Any explanations for the problem?

orion said...

hi to everybody, from when I have installed Internet Explorer 8 don't succeed in using the toolbar of grab for anymore, I am forced to disarm otherwise the additional components of Orbit IE 8 really it doesn't work him he/she doesn't succeed in connecting to any site, also after I have installed the last version of Orbit, and that is the v.2.8.8 the problem that I have tried to describe has remained, I in advance thank you for what you can do for resolving this problem of mine, hi.

Michel Merlin said...

I just uninstalled Orbit
All the last versions, up to 2.8.8, were unable to download videos, from YouTube or from others.

In addition, France is passing a law allowing Government to cut Internet for one year to anyone at any moment without stating a reason (In addition the minister made "clear" that a single partial downloading or streaming of a file is sufficient), without a judge or judgment, while the citizen can dispute this only in court and can't get access through any alternative (he will be on an official black list). Which means gov friends can do all they want, while the others (like the ones from the ancient race) have to almost not use Internet, or anything can be taken as pretext.

Anyway Orbit, after its initial release that really was useful, never addressed any of its bugs or shortcomings (see e.g. Grab Pro not found. Only Grab++, Thx for replies - yet still no Grab Pro here - but Grab++ suffices to me, ).

So, after trying the last version (2.8.8), I uninstalled Orbit Downloader.

Versailles, Wed 8 Apr 2009 06:59:00 +0200

Anonymous said...

Try to download it but Eset Smart Security 3.0.699.0 detect it as malicious software kind of virus.

Anonymous said...

It's workin with youtube, no probs there.
But Orbit has not been workin with myspace for quiet some time now.
2.8.7 didnt work with myspace, this version does not either.
And the developers dont care at all,they hush it up.

Ramuli said...

Orbit must support Google Chrome...!!!

Anonymous said...

Using Orbit,rapidshare like a year everyday but after format my drive i can't.

Iinstalled 2.8.8 or 2.8.7 its all same.When i open ie7 it says error and closes itself so i can't log in to my rapid account to enter my pw.I uninstalled Orbit and then ie7 opens and works fine . After ie7 crashes an icon pops at near the watch says DEP (data execution prevention)

I was using same OS, vista 32 ,ie7, ff308 before formatting my system but i can't now

Anonymous said...

Orbit sucks!! You have to uninstall it or it pops up constantly on IE trying to download.

And it does not work with Myspace or Last.fm. Waste of time.

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Richard2000 said...

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I prefer the 2.7 version because it haves less bug than this one, you must work harder in this program body.

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