Orbit v1.1.1 come out

Good news everyone! The final version of Orbit 1.1.1 is out at last.

Orbit is a light feature-rich and stable download manager for Windows. Orbit can accelerate your download speed, uses less memory, support http/https/ftp/mms/rtsp protocol, download Flash videos (including stuff from Youtube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe, DailyMotion,etc) and support download from RapidShare.com.

v1.0.3 to v1.1.1 changelog:

* Support https protocol

* Support download from rapidshare.com

* Improve download Flash videos,including stuff from Youtube, Google, MySpace, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc

* Support adding mirror manually

* Improve preferences setting

Download it now- you'll never look back.


karla carvalho said...

when the download finishes all the time the video is
"Sleeper Cell: American Terror Trailer.flv"
what can i do?? help me please!!

cuthad said...

thanks for your work.can you support firefox with more features
a chinese user

Anonymous said...

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