Orbit is 100% clean -- reported by qarchive.org

We received a Antivirus Report made by qarchive.org : Orbit is 100% clean.

Orbit Antivirus report from QArchive.org

Antivirus Report:Scanned:

8 file(s)
OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe packed by BINARYRES
>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe - archive INNO SETUP
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data001 - Ok
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data002 - Ok
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data003 - Ok
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data004 - Ok
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data005 - Ok
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data006 - Ok
>>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe/data007 - Ok
>OrbitSetup_orbit_103.exe - Ok

Thank you for qarchive.org again.


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