Orbit Downloader is released

Orbit Downloader 3.0 — Manage Downloads Become Easier

* Fix: Firefox Addon doesn't work in some case.
* Add: Add "Become a fan" and "Follow us" link on status bar.

Download  YouTube Downloader


Chadrizard said...

Ever since you guys got addicted in doing that facebook thing, rather than help us in a much bigger way by upgrading Orbit.

Anonymous said...

If it had an Autodialer, it was the best & the most complete Downloader in the world. Are U Agree with me?

Alireza From IRAN said...

If it had an Autodialer, it was the best & the most complete Downloader in the world. Are U Agree with me?

Anonymous said...

Orbit Downloader homepage /(www.orbitdownloaded.com) shows portuguese (maybe brazilian?) language for Spanish PC lol! Please fix this. :P

mylife said...

Hi Development team,

I am a Mac OS user and really like to use orbit.!
Previously, I use Orbit downloader usually in Window, but I cannot continue to use it now in Mac.

When will you release a Mac version?

I am looking forward to know your feedback.

fei said...

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joe said...
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