Orbit Downloader 2.8.14 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.8.14 is released

A new version, which fixed some little bugs too.Hope that we can do better.

* Fix: some bugs may cause IE crash when operating the lists of Grabpro
* Fix: some bugs may cause Grab++ crash

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Anonymous said...

I have been using your Download Manager for some days now and its an excellent piece of software. I have a slight problem with it though while sorting files.

Steps to reproduce:
Queue 8-10 files in the download manager so that it takes some time for them to download.
Go to the completed section and sort the files so that the newest file is at the bottom and the oldest at top
Now when a download in the queue finishes instead of going to the bottom of the list (according to the sorting rules) it appears at the top of the completed list.
Also the sort settings aren't remembered when the download manager is closed and opened.

I was primarily testing download managers to write a review which I will be publishing in a month's time after I have finished going through all the freely available download managers. Another thing I noticed was that your software uses more CPU time and disk writes than Free Download Manager (Lowest) and Flashget (middle). I just wanted to inform you so maybe you can look at the code and improve it. Changing the disk cache in this case does not help.

PS: I tried registering at your forums but it gives and error saying smtp server cannot send mail.

Moeen said...


I'm Moeen . I'm From Iran And I Use Orbit Downloader .
Thanyou Very Much For Orbit Downloader .
Please Add Farsi (Persian)Language to You Saftware .

شایان ایرانی said...

Iranian Made A Browser That Name Is " TIZBAL " .
tizbal is The First Iranian Browser And Better than IE .

See More Information Here :


Anonymous said...

Good simple tool!
The forum's email sending function is disabled so I cannot register.
I'm new to this software while I was an old flashget (1.x) user.

One of the feature seems missing in Orbit is that it does not allow users to copy links grabbed by flashgot and listed in the download choosing interface.

There are some site links which are not always directly downloadable such as rapidshare, but I could use flashget to grab and copy them to be handled later. (simply using ctrl+C, the highlighted links will be copied)

Or may be there is an alternative way in Orbit which I don't know?
Any advice is welcomed.

Thanks for making the application anyway!

Junker said...

Hei..Tq for great downloader that i consider one of the best in mylife and less memory consumed. But there are many room for more improvement like speed limiting that doesn't work what is suppose to be. This important coz i wanna flexibility to manage my bandwidth for online-games,torrent etc..especially for huge size files that take hours to complete..i hope u can fix this issue-anyway thankz for this superb downloader

Anonymous said...

Help! I can't register into Orbit forum: Error: Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the forum administrator with the following error message reported by the SMTP server: "535 authentication failed (#5.7.1) ".

VulcanNonibird said...

I just downloaded it and tried on the WebTV page of the Giffoni Film Festival: no FLV-File in Cache or Temp, no source-file mentioned in ANY html, css or js file.

And your software just worked great! I had to stop the download by hand but the file was fully downloaded and intact.

Anonymous said...

I have used orbit for years . I really appreacite you for in making it.But can you please increase the maximum simultaneous jobs more than 50 because when i download from megaupload there is happy hour and 50 download a day is not enough . Also when i used premium link in megaupload i cant resume using orbit.

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