Orbit Downloader 2.8.12 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.8.12 is released

A new version, which fixed some little bugs too. Esnips could be downloaded again. And Grabpro works better.

Hope that we can do better.

* Fix: some bugs in GrabPro
* Fix: Silent Mode doesn't work

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Anonymous said...

В IE 8 при открытии страницы всплывает окно http://www.orbitdownloader.com/grab-pro-update.htm ,а в опере не работает Grab =(

Anonymous said...

when i open my IE there is one web page automatically opened http://www.orbitdownloader.com/grab-pro-update.htm.

Is it some kind of virus or something? please fix it

Anonymous said...

The same thing goes for me from the two anonymous who said they had this popping browser that says..."GRAB PRO UPDATE HTML"

It's bugging me...

and the Grab Pro Option in the "GetIT" button doesn't seem to work...

sorry for the complaints though..

hdowns said...

Now that I upgrade from the older Orbit package based on gettingth pop up html web page, stating grab pro update html, so I assumed it was a prompt to download latest version. After doing the updae , I keep getting this pop up page. Can anyone tell me how to stop it from poping up. Even when my home page is not orbit, say http://www.msnbc.msn.com, rigt away the page referringto grab pro comes up. Obviously, this is a bugged prompt. I run IE7.0 with Windows XPPro SP2.

hdowns said...

Today on my use of the IE browser, that erroneous page did not come up anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,

I used to be able to download UDN video by using Orbit Downloader. And FYI , UDN is one of the largest video site in Taiwan. But just recently, I can no longer do that. With the latest Orbit Downloader and with the great Grab++ the Orbit Downloader can not detect any RTMP stream from UDN video site.

Below please find the UDN site for your reference.

Can you please check and verify the issue. And if possible , please release a new revision to fix this issue.

Thanks for all your effort!

A Orbit Downloader fan in Taiwan

kiansem said...

Hello sir,

I want to use Orbit Downloader.
If possible please help me..
Now i used Safari 4.0 very fast, but i can't download again use Orbit hik,hik,hik ('',)

your fan from Indonesia

digomiero said...

Let me make a suggestion for the next release... (I'm sorry if that already exists in the options, but I coudn't find it anywhere) You could put a TOTAL download speed counter in the Status Bar, so we could know how much of the bandwidth is Orbit using...

Tukker said...

As he blocked me from the website ill post it here.
Orbit downloader is infected with a Trojan which gives the creator access to everything on your PC.
I have mailed the creator as orbit was starting up automatically and first i thought it was a problem with my scanner, but after a few mails e never ever replied again.
After that another thing happened, Orbit started up out of itself while it was not running as active process.
Again mailed the creator several times, also told him i would take further actions if he would not reply as the program is a virus and nothing else then that, but no reply at all after 4 mails, that says enough to me together with the ban i got from the website for mentioning what Orbit really is.


If you want whole the mail convo, feel free to mail me at noobtube1985@gmail.com

D1G170S said...

Great job boys!

But... i want to use safari or Chrome, is very fast, more simple, and better.

Can you do work Orbit with any of these browser???


Anonymous said...

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