Orbit Downloader 2.8.10 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.8.10 is released

A new version, which fixed some little bugs too. We have improve the user interface of "GetIt" button, do you like it? Tell me.

Hope that we can do better.

*Fix: Grab++ doesn't work in IE8
*Improve: The user interface of 'GetIt' button

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Hyam Miller said...

I just downloaded the update 2.80.10 and when I try to install it I get a message that the file is corrupted. I tried redownloading several times with the same results.

Hyam Miller said...

I tried downloading from Cnet, download.com and from freewarefiles.com, but also got a corrupted file notice. Finally I tried softpedia.com and got the new version uncorrupted. This proves that there is a flaw somewhere in your download process.

Majak said...

I have Firefox 3.0.1 but Grab Pro doesn't work for me... There is no Orbit toolbar or something similar.

razi said...
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razi said...

edit(some typo,and add follow up mail)
i download from cnet,ver.2.8.10 but
eset nod32 detects as "variant of Win32/Kryptik.GK ",and quarantine it immideately.

eset nod32 antivirus[ver 4.0.314.0; Virus signature database: 4063 (20090508)]

Muhammad Omer Nasir said...

Please add one feature in "Orbit Downloader", Application should automatically update and install new version of application after ask to user.

Orbit Downloader is one the best downloader I have seen because it has so many features in one application and most important thing is light wight... I am hoping above feature will be part of next release...

Muhammad Omer Nasir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

orbit downloader won't and can't download from edumedia.fr why? any idea?

Anonymous said...

Orbit Downloader's Grab++ still does not download RTMP streams, despite what the online documentation. I am currently using v.

Brent said...

I downloaded Orbit 2.8.11, hoping that I would be able to use it in IE8 (8.0.6001.1870.2IC). I had not reported my problems with 2.8.10 - just didn't get around to it.
When I use the Graqit toolbar IE8 will not load anything. I disable the toolbar and have mixed results, but when I exit Orbit all is ok again.

Brent said...

I downloaded Orbit 2.8.11, hoping that I would be able to use it in IE8 (8.0.6001.1870.2IC). I had not reported my problems with 2.8.10 - just didn't get around to it.
When I use the Graqit toolbar IE8 will not load anything. I disable the toolbar and have mixed results, but when I exit Orbit all is ok again.

Anonymous said...

I have 2.8.16 and I can't disable the "get it" button. It constantly pops up when adjusting volume on a video file. Very annoying. Clicking the appropriate buttons in Tools menu don't seem to disable it. Any changes will be appreciated.

Jonatan Amarante said...

The same for me. I also have version 2.8.16 and the "getit" button can't be disabled.
I wait for a fix.

Anonymous said...

One more vote for DISabling the Get It button popping up over Pause and Volume on vids. A previous Orbit version had it right, a simple Down Arrow at the top of the video.

Anonymous said...

I am using version 2.8.16 and Firefox browser and I cannot disable the get it button through the tools menu. As a result , it is almost impossible to listen to the pronunciation of words at online dictionaries, not to mention it also always pops up when I try to adjust any control at social video sties.
In my opinion ,at the moment , the get it button is orbit's biggest flaw.

Anonymous said...

Holy s-t the new GetIt button is infuriatingly annoying. The old down arrow above the video was FAR better. Deselecting enable GetIt does not disable GetIt button. The current GetIt button makes online videos useless because you can't pause/stop or adjust volume because the button is in the way. REMOVE this "feature" completely or go back to the old down arrow.

Anonymous said...

(In Firefox)
Go to Tools=>Orbit Getit=>enable/disable.
It should work. I personally like the grey arrow better aswell.

I've been a loyal orbit fan for many years, and I too am disappointed with the new GETIT button with Firefox.
Seems like a good idea but the implementation is lacking. All the best to the Orbit Dev team in fixing this feature and continually improving Orbit.

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Anonymous said...

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nicalicious said...

i was already downloading using the orbit and i was overwhelmed with its performance so far. but when i was downloading a certain video, i accidentally unchecked the get it button .huhuhu. where can i restore it to have a get it button again? please help me . im really having a hard time without it.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot find the Getit button for Orbit Downloader in IE8 try doing the following:
1) open IE8 browser
2) go to Tool>Manage Add-Ons>click on Octh Class under orbitdownloader.com> click enable.

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