Orbit Downloader 2.7.9 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.7.9 is released.

In this version, we improved both Grab Pro and Grab++ feature.

* Improve: Make Grab Pro more efficient
* Fix: a bug may cause Grab++ can not grab streaming media URL
* Fix: a bug may cause Grab Pro can not display file name suffix

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demonluo said...

i swear everything i type below is truth or u can chop my head off...
if u try to close grab pro toolbar for IEv7/vista, it'll automatic coming back next time u open IE browser & if u try to close the window with grab pro toolbar, it'll not response unless u use task manger(ctrl+alt+del)...

Anonymous said...

I suggest reuse ftp connection when downloading multiple files from the same ftp server.

Juiz de Meia-Tigela said...

Orbit Downloader is really great, thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Here's a very little help to make it even better:
I've uncheked "start orbit on system startup" during the setup, but that option was turned on after the installation. So, I had to turn it off twice.


Ant said...

Juiz, agreed or ask during installer.

Anonymous said...

Can i download specifically from FastCompany.tv?

The Beerslayer said...

If you need Grab++ to work, keep version 2.7.8 or earlier and do NOT download 2.7.9. Wait for a new version to fix the bug that prevents Grab++ from detecting anything.

Other than this bug in this version, I highly recommend Orbit Downloader.

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