Download yappr video

How to download yappr video?

Using Orbit Downloader's Grab Pro, the special download-video-tool for Internet Explore, you will never miss any yappr video from now on.

Download yappr video in IE step 1: Play yappr video. Orbit Downloader's Grab Pro will start to grab the yappr video automatically:

Download yappr step 1

Download yappr video in IE step 2: Click yellow area to call out the item list. Click "Download it" to download the grabbed yappr video:

Download yappr

Downloading yappr video: Please keep the yappr video playing until download completed.

Yappr downloading

Download yappr video completed: You will never miss any yappr video from now on!

Download yappr completed


Mystrile said...

Sometimes when i pause some download and when i resume, it immediately completes the download. Is this a bug?

Another thing is i can't download a few files from rapidshare and other webs.
It uses Internet Explorer to download immediately.
Mind helping ?

Thanks in advance

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Mark said...

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pharmacy said...

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