Orbit Downloader 2.7.3 is released

Orbit Downloader 2.7.3 is released.

* Add: Softonic.com search option in Orbit Downloader
* Improve: MMS protocol download
* Improve: Set an option to control duplicate download warning

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RagGong said...

Orbit have to compatible with Opera Browser. Please Grab Pro add Opera Please..!

Gordon Ramsay Fan said...

You can also try using TubeTilla YouTube Downloader, it lets you download and convert YouTube Videos for free.

Erwin Hasanuddin said...

Hi Admin, I want to review Orbit Downloader latest release or version in my blog (http://www.erwinhasanuddin.co.cc/category/free-software-freeware/orbit-downloader/). I hope you grant it for me. If you have time please visit my blog and I will be very happy if you give some comments.


Q said...

When I try to download it, the file says the setup files are corrupted. Is that just my cimputer or what?

Joe said...

Why Grab Pro need to create temp file under Grab's directory? Why not put temp files under %temp% ?


LosFrost said...

I found a bug. If you set your download location to a drive other than C, the preferences says that it is going to download it to that location, but it doesn't actually download it to that location. It sticks it on the C drive. This may only happen because I have a folder on the C that is name the same as the location folder on the E drive. This would only take a few minutes to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Tried on mytoons.com
Grab++ fails
Grab Pro doesn't even try

Ken said...

I keep getting a unable to register DLL/OCX error RegSvr 32 faild with Ox5. Has anyone else face this problem? Would appreciate the help.


LyingBastard said...

If you ever get that unable to register problem solved, email me please.