Orbit Downloader v2.7.1 Released

Orbit Downloader v2.7.1 Released.
Orbit Downloader v2.7 release Grab Pro to support video download from sites which use anti-leeching technology like YouTube. Using Grab Pro, the special YouTube downloader for Internet Explore, you will never miss any YouTube video from now on. It is born for YouTube.

Download YouTube Downloader

Using new Orbit Downloader to download social video and music. Make YouTube for example:
With 2 simple step, Orbit Downloader's Grab Pro can download YouTube completed. And using the same way, Grab Pro can download imeem™, download Dailymotion, download Pandora and download all social video and music easily.
Download YouTube step 1: Play YouTube. Grab Pro will start to grab the YouTube automatically:

Download YouTube step 2: Click yellow area to call out the item list. Click "Download it" to download the grabbed YouTube:

Download YouTube:

Download YouTube completed:


Anonymous said...

Is Grab Pro blocking usage of Grab++??? Seems that is the case or should I make some changes in configuration...

ender said...

i tried to leave this info in the forum for bugs, but couldnt register for some reason:
i updated my orbit to the newest version, and now, i cant go the web with the normal IE 7.
maxthon 1 and 2 works fine.

I have windows vista home premium, on a new laptop.
another member in a german forum, has the same problem as i have.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the latest release is wonderful and everything, but it breaks silent / unattended install.

One used to be able to issue the command "OrbitDownloaderSetup.exe /Silent /SP-" but now the installer launches an IE session which interferes with other silent installs.

Is there any way to suppress this?

Anonymous said...

Everything on Imeem was working just fine up until yesterday. I thought they found some way to block us from getting what we should again.. ?? cuz everytime I click the Download from the yellow area, nothing pop up anymore. Well, youtube and any other sites work though... 'll wait for the new update ..

kamyar said...

I downloaded a file from youtube with this method. The name of the downloaded file is 0000000 without any extension. What is its format and with what software can I open it?

Mehdi Dirbaz said...

Internet Security 2009
Access denied
The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL:


The following error was encountered:

The requested object is INFECTED with the following viruses: Trojan-GameThief.Win32.OnLineGames.arut

Please contact your service provider if you consider it incorrect.
Fri Jul 04 13:51:55 2008
Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

Zoe said...

Can you add these functions?
1.Give the same options like single download when we create batch down tasks.
(for Advanced: referer, cookie, ...)
2.Can modify some attrib like referer when we make a multi-choice in download list.

Bryan Kirk said...

You should add the option of having a window be displayed when downloading a file that tells you the progress of the download.

瓦特比 said...

Orbit Downloader Firefox Integration 2.02 is incompatible with Firefox 3.0.1 RC1.

mms911 said...

Hi Brothers
Firefox 3.0.1 officially released and Orbit's Downloader Firefox Extension is Incompatible.

Anonymous said...

I cannot upgrade to Firefox 3.0.1 because Orbit Downloader Firefox Integration does NOT work.

Anonymous said...

what can we do because
Orbit Downloader Firefox Integration + Firefox 3.0.1 = NOT WORKING ????

Anonymous said...

Yes it's not working anymore with FF 3.01

I get Legit Freebies! said...

As many have said...

Orbit doesn't work with Firefox 3.0.1

Please release a fix, and don't restrict it to a max version in case firefox comes out with another patch, which is pretty much guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

yesterday i meet the problem of Orbit downloader block my IE7 content, say cannot link internet, after untick the enable recodering, the IE7 back to normal, is it a bug or something else?

Anonymous said...

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