Orbit Downloader v2.6.5 is released!

Orbit Downloader v2.6.5 is released!
In this version, we fixed two bugs:

  • * Fix: a bug may cause buffer overflow

  • * Fix: a Firefox add-on bug when integrates Firefox Beta 5


Anonymous said...

Does it support quick time rtsp?

Robert said...

what a great, smart software !

Anonymous said...

Still one bug ...

When you have a download running in the background (and the "Orbit" window is closed (or open)) you can roll your mouse over the icons (near the clock) and the "Orbit Icon" will show (balloon) the percentage of the download remaining.

The "bug" is the the info is not updated but is frozen. You must mouse off the balloon (or close it) and then re-hover over the icon to re-load the balloon with updated info.

Suggestion for website / Orbit:

It is too bad you did not have a "Top P2P" page. When I look at _my_ logs I ALMOST never use the P2P feature (since I guess I don't know anyone else downloading the file I want at the same time). If you have a page of the top 1000 files that we could get instantly then we could use this feature more by getting a file on the list (assumingly it was popular (or how would it make the list?)) ...

boki said...

There is another bug.... When orbit downloads in minimized mode when a file is finished downloading screen saver is turned off , then another file starts downloading and when it's finished same story happen again so my monitor never goes to stand by mode...
It's very annoying especially if
you want to leave it during the night ...
That's not good for tft so i have to turn it off.

Other than that this is excelent program !!!!!!

Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

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