Orbit Downloader v2.6.3 is released!

Orbit Downloader v2.6.3 Come Out!

* Add: a menu item linked to 'Essential Freeware' in 'Help' menu
* Fix: a bug may cause 'Target category does not exist' error


Anonymous said...

senti il software è stupendo non cè nulla da dire siete bravissimi, ma aggiungere Alcohol 120% fra i freware no, in quanto questo si paga !!

free antivirus download said...

good software
thank's you


blogger said...

The Wikipedia entry about Orbit Downloader says your software phones home stealthily. What's your response?

Anonymous said...

I'm a minimalist. Orbit doesn't remember my toolbar setting. Each time I move both toolbars so that the menu bar and the toolbar are on the same bar, when I restart orbit puts them back to the menubar on top of the other toolbar.

In addition, why can't I lock the toolbar or show small icons or don't show text but only icons?

Also, why can't I make orbit download window smaller? I have a limited screen real estate. I want to reduce the height but it won't let me. So, now orbit download window takes up half of my screen size.

Overall it's a nice app. It just have annoying UI for us minimalist/power user.

Anonymous said...

it tells me the set up file is corrupt when i try to download it. i didn't have any problems with downloading it to my old computer but i'm not having any luck with my new one.

Anonymous said...

The list of prevoius Locations dowload files at "Save to" in "Create New Download" window is very short. About 10 lines would be better.

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